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Are you able to identify the safety hazards in your workplace?

Do you know your rights when it comes to on-the-job injuries? Even if you work in a relatively safe environment, injury risks will always exist. An accidental trip or slip-and-fall accident can cause your head to strike a hard object, and you might suffer life-changing brain injuries. Have you considered what you will do if you are involved in an auto crash when you run errands for your boss?

Knowing how the Pennsylvania workers' compensation system works may speed up the claims process if you are the victim of a workplace accident. If you familiarize yourself with potential hazards and the types of workplace injuries that make up a significant percentage of all claims, you might improve your chances of staying safe.

Most frequently claimed injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following preventable injuries appear most frequently on workers' compensation benefits claims:

  • Hazardous equipment: Although the construction industry poses most equipment-related hazards, errors in the use of machinery cause injuries in many industries. While equipment makes many jobs easier and safer, if you make even a small mistake, you could suffer serious injuries.
  • Slips and trips: Spills and leakages can cause slip-and-fall hazards, and uneven or damaged floors and randomly placed objects or debris can cause trip-and-fall accidents. The resulting injuries can involve sprained, pulled or torn muscles, lacerations needing stitches, fractured bones and traumatic brain injuries.
  • Automobile accidents: Crash-related injuries can be life changing or even fatal, and it is not only operators of commercial trucks who are at risk. If you crash while driving to work or for work purposes, you might be eligible for workers' compensation benefits.
  • Materials handling: If you lift, carry and lower heavy objects as part of your job without using proper techniques, you will be at risk of suffering damage to the tissues and muscles in your back and shoulders.
  • Electricity hazards: It is not only electricians who are at risk of suffering electric shocks. Any exposed circuits or water near electrical outlets can cause severe and even fatal injuries.


There are many safety precautions you can take to avoid workplace injuries, one of which is alertness. Remain aware of your surroundings and look out for sharp objects, slippery floors, trip hazards and exposed wires. If you remove or report hazards immediately, your workplace will be safer.

However, regardless of how vigilant you are, you will likely have to file a workers' compensation benefits claim at some stage of your career. Make sure you know the procedures and remember that you are free to seek the support and guidance of an attorney who has experience in dealing with the Pennsylvania workers' compensation insurance system.

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