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New to operating a forklift? Take these precautions to stay safe

Forklifts have become essential pieces of equipment in the construction, industrial and manufacturing industries in Pennsylvania. However, many employers fail to recognize the dangers these machines pose -- to not only the operators but also pedestrian workers who share the same workspace. Forklift accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and they can cause emotional and physical trauma to many.

Have you recently started a job in which you must operate a forklift? Even if your employer puts you straight to work, you might be smart to prepare yourself for the responsibility of keeping yourself, your co-workers and your employer's property safe from harm or damage.

You are the best guardian of your safety in a warehouse

If you are one of the many workers in warehouses in and around Whitehall, Pennsylvania, you will likely face many safety hazards. While some employers prioritize employee safety, others are more concerned about profits, which more or less leaves you to look after your own safety. Fortunately, you have certain rights to protect you in the event of a workplace injury.

You will likely be able to identify some of the more significant hazards easily, and if your employer provides safety training, those are the dangers of which you will learn. However, some risks are less visible and often overlooked although they can cause serious injuries.

Are you able to identify the safety hazards in your workplace?

Do you know your rights when it comes to on-the-job injuries? Even if you work in a relatively safe environment, injury risks will always exist. An accidental trip or slip-and-fall accident can cause your head to strike a hard object, and you might suffer life-changing brain injuries. Have you considered what you will do if you are involved in an auto crash when you run errands for your boss?

Knowing how the Pennsylvania workers' compensation system works may speed up the claims process if you are the victim of a workplace accident. If you familiarize yourself with potential hazards and the types of workplace injuries that make up a significant percentage of all claims, you might improve your chances of staying safe.

What if you cannot return to work after a work accident?

After suffering injuries in a workplace accident, you may find that getting better and returning to work may not be as easy as you hoped it would be. Some Pennsylvania workers find that their injuries are serious enough to affect their long-term abilities, ultimately resulting in either a temporary or long-term disability.

If you cannot work because of your work-related injuries, it can be helpful to understand the workers' compensation benefits that may be available to you. You have the right to recovery and support, which may include benefits to address long-term needs due to a disability. It can be helpful to seek guidance regarding your benefits claim as soon as possible after an accident in the workplace.

Facts and figures for Pennsylvania workers' comp injuries

Each year Pennsylvania's Bureau of Workers’ Compensation publishes a report that includes statistics for workers' compensation injuries from the previous year.

We dug into the most recent report and found some interesting facts regarding the state's 159,170 workers' comp injuries in 2016.

4 types of workers' compensation benefits

Many workers have a general understanding of what workers' compensation. It is a form of insurance that provides for individuals who have been injured at work.

But what does workers' comp cover? What kinds of benefits does workers' comp provide? In this post, we will offer a brief overview of the types of workers' comp benefits.

The role of the impairment rating evaluation in workers’ comp

The IRE is undergoing scrutiny by PA courts

From start to finish, making a workers’ compensation claim is a fight. Injured workers must do everything they can to obtain the benefits they need. Even once benefits are received, insurers will do their best to limit the length and amount by having claimants go through an impairment rating evaluation (IREs).

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