Fair Benefits In Your Workers' Comp Claim For Neck, Back And Spinal Injuries

Any damage to the neck, back and spine can severely limit your day-to-day activities and prohibit you from working. In some cases, the injury can be permanently disabling. Other injuries require extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Back And Spinal Injuries

The back is a complex structure. Any number of injuries can cause back pain. Even if you initially just show symptoms of a back strain or sprain, it could be something more serious. If, for example, you have a herniated disc (or a slipped or prolapsed disc), that means there is a problem with the cushion in between your vertebrae. The severity of this condition can vary, from needing rest to requiring surgery. You may also have a fractured vertebrae or other back injury requiring treatment or bed rest.

At Richard D. Director Law Offices, we have handled back injuries of many types, from a slipped disc to spinal cord injury. Whether your injury was caused gradually or in a sudden workplace accident, it is important that you receive the proper representation to file your claim, provide medical evidence and stand up to insurers who have a team of lawyers on their side to minimize or deny your benefits.

Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are among the most common types of work injuries. Lifting, falling and other workplace accidents can cause severe neck injury. Nor do neck injuries need to be caused by an accident in order to qualify for a workers' comp claim. The neck is also vulnerable to repetitive stress injuries.

A neck injury can lead to stiffness, insomnia, headaches and even paralysis. Such injuries need proper medical treatment. It may be impossible to perform your typical work duties with a neck injury prior to receiving proper treatment or vocational rehabilitation.

Deadlines exist when filing a neck injury workers' compensation claim. You have 120 days from the date of injury, or 120 from the date of becoming aware of the injury if it is a repetitive use injury, to file with your employer.

We Know Neck, Back And Spinal Injuries

Attorney Richard D. Director has over 40 years' experience in workers' compensation cases and is a Certified Specialist in Workers' Compensation as authorized by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.* He knows the workers' compensation process, terminology and common areas of dispute inside and out.

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*A Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialist by the Pennsylvania State Bar Association Workers' Compensation Section as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.