Help Paying Your Bills When You Can No Longer Work

A serious work injury or illness can prevent you from getting the income you need. And bills do not stop coming just because you need to miss time to recover.

At Richard D. Director Law Offices, we will work diligently to help you and your family remain financially stable despite a significant work injury. We take on insurers and fight aggressively on your behalf every step of your claim.

Most of our clients have questions about the complex area of the law known as workers' compensation. The first question is often about the amount of benefits available. Below, you can find a brief overview of how Pennsylvania calculates benefits for lost wages. Keep in mind, this area of the law is constantly changing and highly dependent on your individual circumstances, so if you would like to ask directly about your situation in a free, no-obligation consultation, call 484-619-2949.

Workers Compensation Indemnity And Lost Wages

Workers' compensation provides several financial benefits for workers injured on the job. One is for wage loss. Generally, injured workers can expect to receive approximately two-thirds of their income when missing work. However, this can change depending on how long you are missing work, the severity of the injury and other factors.

In Pennsylvania, the benefit for lost wages is called the "indemnity" benefit.

While two-thirds of your pay is a benchmark, several issues can affect your benefit. For example, there is a minimum and maximum amount established by state law. In addition, whether you are permanently disabled, temporarily disabled, totally disabled or partially disabled can affect the amount, and length, of your benefits.

Your benefits also may have a maximum length, although this too varies according to your circumstances. For example, medical evidence and a vocational evaluation may influence the length of time you can receive benefits.

Experienced Legal Help With Your Lost Wages Claim

Attorney Richard D. Director is a Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialist as authorized by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.* He has achieved that status by working diligently on behalf of injured workers in Lehigh County and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

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*A Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialist by the Pennsylvania State Bar Association Workers' Compensation Section as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.