An Explanation Of Medical Benefits In Workers' Compensation Claims

Our clients are mostly concerned about their health and being able to get back to work. A serious work injury can lead to significant costs, including hospital visits, surgery, rehabilitation, transportation, prescription medication and other costs. Combined with not being able to work, the bills add up quickly. Fortunately, workers' compensation covers the medical costs associated with a work injury or accident.

Workers' Compensation Medical Benefits Include More Than Just The Hospital Bill

Medical costs include any reasonable expense associated with the injury. Reasonable expenses could include hospital stays, surgery, medical equipment, doctor's appointments, disability benefits, specific loss of the use of a hand, foot or other appendage, and other costs.

It is easy to underestimate the true cost of your work injury. For example, under some circumstances, you are entitled to the transportation costs associated with travelling to and from specialized treatment. You are also entitled to costs associated with physical therapy.

However, the insurance company may not offer the full amount of medical benefits to which you are entitled. Instead, they may offer a one-time benefit amount that is intended to compensate you for every cost as part of a settlement of your claim. In many cases, this payment is not the full amount you are owed. The insurer or the insurer's doctor may also recommend the minimal amount of medical treatment for your injury.

The Knowledge To Guide Your Way In Complex Medical Benefits Cases

Attorney Richard D. Director is one of the few Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialists* in Pennsylvania. He has extensive knowledge of the medical benefits available in a workers' compensation claim and the evidence needed to prove your claim. In addition to his significant experience, our office also focuses on client service. If you have questions about which doctor is going to treat your injury or medical condition, for example, we will take the time to answer your questions fully and clearly.

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*A Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialist by the Pennsylvania State Bar Association Workers' Compensation Section as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.