Do You Know The Full Benefits You Are Owed?

Workers' compensation acts as a type of no-fault insurance. If you are injured and can no longer work, benefits provide help with the costs associated with your medical condition. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on insurers to provide you with the full benefits you are owed under the law. You must prove your case and aggressively seek the benefits you deserve.

Workers' compensation benefits potentially include:

  • Lost wages: The amount will depend on whether you are totally disabled or partially disabled and other factors.
  • Medical expenses: This includes all reasonable medical costs associated with your injury, including hospital stays, surgery and other treatment.
  • Compensation for specific loss: Some accidents result in the loss of a body part, you can be compensated for this loss. This includes head, neck and facial scarring.
  • Survivor benefits: The family of a worker tragically killed in a workplace accident can get help with the costs associated with losing a loved one.

If your accident or injury was caused by a third party, you may also be able to file a lawsuit against that third party. These situations usually arise when a worker is injured because of defective equipment, or in an accident while driving on the job, for example.

Pursuing Your Deserved Benefits Aggressively

Attorney Richard D. Director has over 40 years' experience in workers' compensation insurance claims. At our law firm, we can walk you through the benefits you can pursue. As one of the few Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialists as authorized by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,* you can rely on our knowledge and guidance to fully explain the benefits to which you are entitled and help you fight the insurance company.

For example, unlike other states, the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act does not authorize vocational rehabilitation for the injured employee. Vocational rehabilitation is the costs associated with finding and training for a new job. However, it allows the insurer to hire a vocational expert to prove that other work may be available to you to try to reduce your benefits — even if it is a lower-paying job. That is why it is important that you consult with an attorney who can protect your benefits.

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*A Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialist by the Pennsylvania State Bar Association Workers' Compensation Section as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.