Should I Take The Lump Sum Settlement Offer?

In many workers' compensation claims, the insurer will offer a single lump-sum settlement. Many of our clients struggle with whether to accept this settlement. On the one hand, it provides financial certainty during an uncertain time. On the other, you are foregoing your right to pursue more benefits you might be owed through workers' compensation. So if you accept, you must be sure you are receiving the benefits you are owed under the law. And enough that you and your family will be cared for while you are out of work.

We Know The True Cost Of Your Injury

At Richard D. Director Law Offices, we have been helping injured workers for over 40 years with their workers' compensation claims. We can assess the true cost of your injury, taking into account your lost wages, medical costs and the resources you will need while you recover from your injury or adapt to a new normal.

Importantly, we do not encourage our clients to settle when it is not in their best interests. As a trial law firm with extensive experience in the courtroom, we never back down when insurers are attempting to underpay our clients.

We will fight aggressively for the benefits you deserve.

Don't Accept Without Speaking To A Lawyer

You may have a good relationship with your employer. You may expect to be able to go back to work at some point. This can give you the false impression that your settlement offer is designed to be fair.

This is not necessarily the case. The insurer must protect its bottom line, and that doesn't involve paying out all of the benefits to which you might be entitled. Instead, it is a way to end the claim with a single payment.

That said, it may still make sense to accept a workers' comp final settlement, provided it is fair. It reduces uncertainty and ensures you have enough money to keep afloat while you recover.

Whether to accept is a personal decision that depends on the offer and your individual circumstances. Prior to accepting, speak to an experienced workers' compensation attorney to discuss your situation.

Questions About Workers' Compensation Lump Sum Settlements?

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