Did You Receive An Inaccurate Description Of Your Injury?

Injured workers usually have limited options in their choice of doctors. Employers, and their insurers, can require you to see one of their pre-approved doctors after you file a workers' compensation claim and treat with that doctor for 90 days.

That means your workers compensation medical evaluation may not be an accurate reflection of the true extent of your injury.

Not Everything Is A Strain Or Sprain

Some injuries do not require extensive medical care even though they are painful. Such injuries include back strains and sprains. A strain is an injury to the muscle or tendon. A sprain is the stretching of a ligament. These injuries can be caused by lifting, repetitive use and pushing and pulling. Treatment is mostly rest, compression and anti-inflammatory drugs.

There is a tendency for workers' compensation doctors to label something as a strain or a sprain, even if it is something more serious. Particularly initially, the workers' compensation doctor may prescribe rest and over-the-counter pain medication.

However, for many, this does not result in any improvement.

How A Workers' Compensation Attorney Can Help

From the moment you file a workers' compensation claim, the insurance company has lawyers examining your file to see if there is a way to delay or deny your claim. The insurance company's doctor has incentive to minimize your injury if there is any gray area.

At Richard D. Director Law Offices, we can protect your rights and interests in this complex area of the law. We know your rights and we will stand up to insurers and doctors who are improperly categorizing your injury or illness as something minor. We can advise you throughout your case of how best to protect your legal rights and seek the best possible medical care during this difficult time.

As a Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialist,* Richard Director understands the law and common medical terminology associated with work injuries. Our office can fight back against an incorrect description of your injury that could result in fewer benefits and recovery time than you need to get healthy.

You can reach us online or call our Whitehall, Pennsylvania, office at 484-619-2949 to schedule your free initial consultation.

*A Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialist by the Pennsylvania State Bar Association Workers' Compensation Section as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.