Workers' Compensation Doctors May Not Always Provide The Most Accurate Diagnosis

We hold our doctors in high esteem for a reason. We often build up relationships with our doctors, and we rely on them to provide honest and informed opinions about our health care.

Unfortunately, going to your own doctor is not always the first option after a work injury. In a workers' compensation claim, your own doctor — the medical professional who knows you best — is not the medical professional who will first recommend treatment. Under Pennsylvania law, the workers' compensation insurer has the right to have you evaluated by one of a list of doctors of their choosing. This doctor, paid by the insurer, may have incentive to minimize the treatment you need. The less expensive your treatment, the less the insurer needs to pay out. The end result is that generally, after the independent medical examination, the least expensive and time-consuming treatment option is recommended initially.

This means one of the main concerns of our clients is getting a proper diagnosis and subsequent medical treatment. It also leads to the question: Can I go to my own doctor for workers' compensation?

Do I Have To See The Company Doctor?

Having been in practice for over 40 years, attorney Richard Director has seen every type of workers' compensation claim denial imaginable. He has seen insurance company doctors misdiagnose an injury, recommend minor treatment for serious medical conditions and otherwise put injured workers in a position where they have a hard time focusing on their medical recovery.

If your insurer/employer does not get written acknowledgement from you regarding a list of doctors you can go see, then you have the choice of your doctor. It is not rare for employers to fail to comply with this written requirement. Otherwise, you must seek treatment with an employer-listed physician for 90 days after the injury. Once the 90 days have passed, you can see a doctor of your own choosing.

Attorney Richard D. Director has also built up relationships with doctors, so he can recommend a doctor who will provide an honest and accurate diagnosis if you are not being adequately treated or showing improvement after 90 days.

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