We Can Help After An Initial Delay Or Denial Of Your Claim

Workers' compensation claims are frequently denied. It can be difficult to know why your claim was denied, but working with an experienced attorney can help you understand your right to receive benefits.

At the Richard D. Director Law Offices in Whitehall, our lawyers understand the complex nature of workers' compensation claims and the various reasons they are denied. We will work hard to explore all of your options to receive benefits so you can focus on getting better.

Knowledge Of Complex Workers' Compensation Issues

In Pennsylvania, injured workers are required to notify their employer of their workplace injury within 120 days after the injury occurred. The only exception is for repetitive injuries, which requires employees to notify their employer of their injury 120 days from the day they stopped working.

Workers' compensation claims must meet the following three criteria: medical evidence of the injury, the injury caused a loss of earnings and the employer was notified of the injury within 120 days after the injury date, unless it is a repetitive use injury.

We will carefully review your claim and gather information regarding your injury, medical records and how and when your employer was notified. If your claim meets the criteria, we will file a petition on your behalf and will go to your hearings to prove that benefits should be paid in your case.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often contest your claim at every step. A workers' compensation doctor may not diagnose or describe your injury correctly, leading to a denial. The insurance company may require an unreasonable amount of documentation, or contest the type of treatment needed. The insurer may claim that you can go back to work sooner than your health allows.

Denied claims require skilled attorneys who know what actions to take in response to such tactics. With Richard D. Director, a Certified Workers' Compensation Specialist,* you can trust our law firm to handle your claim with the personal attention and care you deserve.

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*A Workers' Compensation Law Certified Specialist by the Pennsylvania State Bar Association Workers' Compensation Section as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.